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Name:花村陽介 ⋅ Yosuke Hanamura
Birthdate:Jun 22, 1994
CHARACTER INFO (for memes and the like)

Name (Western order): Yosuke Hanamura
Gender: Male
Canon: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Canon point: End of March 2012, post True Ending, pre Arena, incorporating all added content in Golden.
Age: 17
Character summary: A hopeless teenage boy with most of the personality flaws that implies, particularly an insensitive streak too wide for his own good and a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth, although he can be friendly and dependable enough on the rare occasions when he isn't getting carried away. The son of a department store manager who moved out of the city not too long ago into a much more rural town, he harbours a quiet dissatisfaction with the state of his life and an even quieter resentment of anyone who seems to have it better, but he's been working on those over the past year. Chronically unlucky, and probably deserves it.
Appearance: An unimposing Japanese high school student with light brown eyes and hair, the latter dyed and gently styled into spikes. 175cm tall, thin and lanky. Dresses casually and fairly fashionably when not in uniform, often in bright, warm colours. Rarely seen without a pair of large red and orange headphones, which are most commonly found hanging around his neck over other clothes. Tends to slouch.

♦ Character may touch on issues with homophobia and women. Opt-out post here.
✓ Romance OK
✓ Ask me about smut
✓ Minor injuries OK (nothing broken)
✓ Will try to backtag forever (let me know if I forget)
✓ Cross-medium is fine
✓ Any writing style is fine
✗ Nothing kinky if I don't mention it

This is an RP journal. Up-to-date muselist here.

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