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Jul. 4th, 2013 12:16 am
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How am I doing? Let me know in the comments, and don't hold back! Standard setup: anonymous comments on, IP logging off, all comments screened except mine unless you ask me to make them public.
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Player: skarme ([personal profile] blitzente)
Timezone: GMT
PMs: on
Email: tsukaiblitzente [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: tsukaiblitzente
Other stuff: [plurk.com profile] blitzente / [tumblr.com profile] blitzente / [twitter.com profile] blitzente

Questions, plotting, other feedback and general (unscreened) chatter can also go here!
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Threadhopping with this character?: Go for it!

Fourth-walling this character?: Ask me.

Backtagging with this character?: Always and as close to forever as possible! I'm in an awkward timezone, so backtags are my life. If there's anything in particular that I'm being too slow with or you otherwise feel like prodding me about, please do - it helps me prioritise.

Hugging this character?: Sure, if you really want to. He's likely to take it entirely the wrong way.

Giving this character a kiss?: Sure - but the same as above applies, cranked up by several orders of magnitude.

Something more intimate?: If this ever happens, the universe has probably already ended. Having said that, ask me.

Relationships?: Romance: sure, but... why. (Het and slash are equally fine by me! The latter might need a bit more talking over, though.) Other CR: open to pretty much everything, planned out or improvised - if you're not sure, ask! In particular I'll note that I'm not averse to negative CR with this character, who can unquestionably be a real jerk sometimes.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Go for it!

Injury?: Scrapes and bruises are fine. For others, such as breaking anything, ask me.

Death?: No thanks in general; in games without permadeath, I am open to plotting.

Plotting?: Always and really forever!

Anything you shouldn't mention near this character?: See below.

Anything you need to know about interacting with this character?:
  • This character has canon moments of casual homophobia, and P4 in general focuses strongly on themes of sex and gender (among others) that not everyone may want to deal with in RP. For my own comfort I don't intend to overplay this stuff, but if you'd still prefer to avoid certain topics in threads with him or opt out of tags from him altogether, please comment below! A list of character journals would be helpful, too.
  • In network games with a text option, you can also OOCly opt out of his typing, which in canon is not just eye-bleedy but inconsistently eye-bleedy. Again, just comment below. ICly his typing will still be pretty terrible, but at least only your character(s) will have to see it. [This doesn't apply to [community profile] empatheias, where the text option isn't actually typed.]

    Anything else: If something isn't mentioned here, ask me about it!
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    General canon assumptions in absence of castmates
  • The unwieldy order of canon "priority" I personally like to use: Golden > the P4 side of Ultimax > Aigis' Arena story mode > Yosuke's Arena story mode > the P4 side of Q > DAN > The Magician > everything else.
  • Maxed social links with everyone, most importantly all the characters Yosuke would have been or become aware of (himself, schoolmates, the Dojimas, Marie, Adachi, Shu and the fox).
  • Magician hit max at some point around July.
  • Marie was rescued, so everybody remembers her.
  • Yu's birthday is sometime around August, making Yosuke the oldest on the team.
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    General headcanon
  • Something ambient in the TV world besides the fog induces the same sort of fight or flight response that an Evoker is designed to, except it's constant and everywhere. This gives a handwavey explanation for why the kidnapping victims seem to have a worse time than most of the people around town in December, but more importantly would imply that there's nothing inherently stopping any of the P4 kids from summoning Personas in the real world apart from a lack of training.
  • Lack of training is the reason the P4 teams' evolved Personas appear to be temporary. (They don't appear in the sequels, and they don't start out evolved in Q even though one or two characters make reference to events that happened in their maxed social links.) Once the potential is unlocked, the evolved forms can be summoned at any time, but it requires particular and usually unnecessary focus.
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